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- HDMI and 1080p upconversion ensure a breath-taking image every

- 850W total output promises a powerful listening experience
- 24-Bit S-Master Digital Amplifier

- BRAVIA Sync feature provides one-touch play for your entire home

- Digital Media Port connection plays your iPod library in surround

- D.C.A.C. automatically sets up your sound field for optimal

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BRAVIA® Home Theater System  1080P / 850
Crank up volume and experience your movies with sensational surround
sound. The DAV-HDX589W BRAVIA® theater system boasts an integrated 5
DVD/CD changer, 1000 watts of room-filling power, and an included iPod®
dock. With the included S-AIR® rear speakers with rear receiver and amp
(WAHT-SA10), you can now hear powerful sound from behind you without
running wires. What's more, you're able to control a select number of
BRAVIA® televisions with BRAVIA® Sync via the HDMI™ interface—and it all
works through one remote control (included). And for amazing picture quality,
the HDMI™ interface upscales DVD media up to 1080p. Looking for a hassle-
free setup? In just 30 seconds, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration automatically
adjusts speaker settings depending on their placement.

S-AIR™ Surround Wireless
Easy, faster and convenient way of setting up rear wireless speakers. That
means no messy speaker cables to hide under the carpet, and no installation
required as set-up is very simple.

HDMI™ Connectivity
One simple cable for both audio and video which allows for an easy setup

Night Mode
Special feature to clearly hear dialogue, for example, there are dialogues in
movies that are hard to hear or understand like whisper. With Night mode,
you can hear even whispered words. It's a convenient feature to have
especially at night time; you do not need to reach out for the remote control
to replay or up the volume to hear the dialogue

S-AIR™ Multi-room
Enjoy and experience multi-room listening that is expandable up to 10 rooms
in the home.

Optimizes audio coming from any Digital Media Port devices

Ability to connect and playback iPod®9, Walkman® MP3 Player, PC and
Bluetooth-enabled devices through the Digital Media Port

1000 watts
Enough power to get the most from the included speakers and subwoofer

Connect Sony products with HDMI and use one button from one remote to
switch the right input and begin playing

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Theater System  
1080P  1000 5.1 Cha
Feel like you're part of the action as sound
envelops you from every angle with this
1000-watt, 5.1-channel BRAVIA® theater
system. Includes S-AIR™ rear speakers with
receiver and amplifier.
Samsung HT-Z310T 5.1-Channel Home
Theater Surround Sound System (Set of
Seven, Black) total 1000 watts power

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